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Generational Treasures

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

Caring for Family: Memoirs of Love

During the life of your parents, husband, wife, brothers, sisters... we look back over our lives and see how influential these family members and friends were. Both the good and bad moments open up our hearts and mind to a new level of maturity which only comes from experiencing such events of Joy, Anger, Love, Laughter, Sorrow and Loss. Memories of such events stay for a lifetime and is to be shared with those children and grandchildren that need and desire it.

With the advent of technology, we are without excuse of not having stored up family events, pictures and videos. We can write a short story to your child(ren) or give advice to a friend in record time. Take advantage of this and have it saved for the future generations. Here are a few suggestions.

Take the time to write down important events and random teachings you never want your children to forget.

My dearest friend from my youth talks about her grandchildren with pride when we talk on the phone. Then it hit me. I asked her, "Why not write down all these teaching in a book for your children so it can be passed on to the grandchildren?" Even leave a hand written letter for that added touch.

Make a scrap book of your children's items as they grew up and then surprise them when they have their own children and give it to them as a gift.

My mom saved every report card, newspaper clipping and even a Mother's Day Card I drew for her when I was in the second or third grade, along with graduation tassels all the way through college! Upon her death is when I discovered these items! Where she kept them was beyond me but each item I found was in mint condition. Looking over those items put a smile on my face and brought back memories. Do the same for your children and watch them for the next several hours going through it.

Teach Unselfish Giving to Others

I had a coworker tell me of a wonderful idea she did with her children at Christmas time. On odd years they received gifts but on even years the had to go out and do for others; they were the gift givers. Throughout that year they would sit and discuss what their plans were to do for others. What a great way to spend quality time with your children while teaching them compassion toward others...don't forget to take pictures!

Come together and do something unique like a cookbook or storytelling of the family's history, a 500 piece puzzle...whatever.

We had our family reunion in New Orleans in the 90s and we put together a Family Reunion Cookbook. Everyone was to pick their favorite recipe to be placed in the cookbook; even the children. Our Cousin Betty had it bound and the first page was dedicated to our Great Aunt Jess who at the age of 93 was sharp as a tack and still holding her own! Couple of years after the reunion, she past and I was happy the cookbook was done because all those recipes would have been gone.

Do a Family Portrait or Painting

Pictures of holiday events, graduation pictures from kindergarten, school pictures college graduation. Or just a crazy group picture to give to family members at Christmas as a gift exchange.

Have Table Games and Debates

I remember as a teen, table games and verbal debates were held amongst our friends. We would spend hours taunting one another during the game. We would sit at the park drinking and smoking while we debate hot topics like love relationships, friendship and leaving home. Boy, I wish I had pictures of that but again...maybe not.

Be A Neighbor Who Cares

When I was a teenager, one of our neighbors called a meeting at their home for all the girls living in our neighborhood. It was my friend's dad who called this meeting which he evidently got permission from our parents to do so. He had chips and pop waiting on us and starting telling us what boys will do to girls if we didn't have respect for ourselves. He took the time to forewarn us of these types of risqué behaviors and not to participate in them. His wife took six of us girls to Mackinac Island for a week long trip: just us girls. Thank you Mr. and Mrs P...I never forgot your love and generosity.

Mr Vogelman would take all the kids on the block for a ride in his model T. Yes, I said model T car. And then there was our block party we had on the Fourth of July which everyone brought their native or favorite food, drew a map of their country of origin and gave a little history about it and plenty of fireworks. Mr. Morales would get the city to block off our street and have table set up in his garage for the food people would bring. Great fun and learning experience that I never forgot.

Take Family on Vacation at a Luxurious Hotel... Nearby

I had done this with my ex. He knew nothing about me planning this weekend vacation in advance. I forcible took him there and to his surprise everything we needed was in the room already prepared. Food, wine and a good book and a change of clothes for the events of the next two days. Do this with children too. Take them to the hotel pool and order food to the room, plan their day out and let them have a ball.

Try something New...Different

Never been sky diving, on a helicopter ride, zip lining? Try it out with your family. Go to different ethnic restaurants a couple of times a year but have the children read up on it before you take them so they can have a better appreciation of other cultures.

Create a Legacy! Remember what your parents taught you, what you experience as a teaching tool...never forget and always share.

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