Homecoming Assessment Appraisal

We meet with the caregivers to see what their equipment needs are and any home rearrangement they need to perform in the home in preparation for the arrival of their aging parent.  This should be done at least one week prior to arrival. An optional second visit is done a week after coming home.

Make Ready Analysis

Here, we come out to the group setting or home and look at what modifications, equipment and safety issues that needs to be addressed before accepting clients in the home.  From cookware to grab bars, we help you minimize huge financial cost while being safety conscious. Only one visit is required with a list of suggestions provided upon completion.

Training and Education

Being educated in caregiving coupled with hands-on training is paramount when working with the elderly, especially adult children taking them into their homes. Caring for Family will come out and train you and one additional person in how to care for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of the elderly. We have several types of training sessions for each of the areas mentioned above. The time ranges from two to four hours depending on the diagnosis, level of care required by the client and the previous experience of the caregiver.  We are flexible so let us know what's important to you and we will help.

Upcoming Services


Caring for Family has been asked to develop two new services:

 1. Screening Tools.  This tool will assist to match up seniors with similar interests and values. The senior homeowner will be given a selection of candidates choose from to ensure a good match.

2. Shared Housing Lease Agreement.  In addition, we will be looking forward in providing a written room tenancy agreement that the other seniors and their primary caregiver must sign in order to reside in the home of the originating senior homeowner.  You as the homeowner choose and adapt the requirements as needed. Other forms will be added upon request. Landlords wanting to participate in this program can contact us for more information.

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