My husband is in the early stages of Parkinson. I contacted Caring for Family and their staff member told me what to expect as it progresses. She came out and did a home survey, suggested equipment and changed the room for him and myself.  While he's not bad now, I am now prepared for what's to come.


My dad was needing help around his home due to dementia. Caring for Family asked some pertinent question over the phone that I never really thought about.  When they came out to screen and observe him, they suggested a supervised group home setting instead of shared housing. They explained why this was the better choice.  We took their advice and kept the home as rental to offset the group home expense... a win-win for us!


Being in my late 20s, I never worked with the elderly but Iris at Caring for Family knew of an elderly couple who needed someone to prepare enough meals for a week and freeze them. She asked if I wanted to learn and I decided to take it on. 


She met me at their home and arranged the kitchen so it would be easy for me to work in. She taught me meal planning with variety of nutritious meals/drinks and food safety.  The couple liked me so much that they soon asked me to clean their house also.  I called Iris to let her know and she suggested how to organize my time between cooking and cleaning.

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